Getting Pregnant After A Miscarriage: The Best Time To Try it Again!

Getting Pregnant After A Miscarriage The Best Time To Try it Again!

Medical industry is describing the miscarriage as a term which means natural ending of a pregnancy in the first 20 weeks of gestation.Despite of creating physical problems with the body,miscarriage can also create many psychological issues.Right below you can read how to begin trying for another baby because after all you should not lose hope.

Physical Sides of Miscarriage
Most frequent symptoms are very similar to those of a heavy period.Then the women have problems with cramps,bleeding,hormonal fluctuations an breast tenderness,but many women also have experience the leaking of breast milk too.After the miscarriage the pregnancy hormones can also be present up to month.

Psychological Sides for Women
The psychological side for women can be extremely volatile. Many women still have pregnancy hormones present in their systems, so mood swings are common. It’s also common to experience feelings of sadness, loss, anger and sometimes even elation. Other people can make seemingly innocent comments that are extremely hurtful. Many women are told that they are “lucky” they didn’t know their child, yet the pain of a miscarriage can be as harsh as the death of a baby carried to term.

Psychological Sides for Men
This can in the same way affect the men too because they also feel sadness and loss after a miscarriage.They are usually supporting their partners by crating an open line of communication.In these kind of situations they might be little more patient with their partners.

Statistical Data of Miscarriages
More than 10% to 25% of pregnancies are ending in a miscarriage.This increases day by day and everything depends on the age of the mother.In many cases,the miscarriages happen the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.Many scientist have proved that women over the age of 35 see bigger chances of miscarriage.This increases to 50 percent after the age of 45.

What Causes Miscarriage?
There are many factors which are causing the miscarriage but some of them are:immune system,bacterial infections,uterine abnormalities,thyroid problems etc.

What are the Odds of Another Miscarriage?
The more miscarriages a women experiences, the greater the chance another miscarriage will occur. The odds of miscarriage go up 15 percent after the first miscarriage. They go up 25 percent after two miscarriages and 35 percent after three miscarriages.

Special Tests for Miscarriage
After a miscarriage, the doctor can perform tests to rule out issues before trying to conceive again. The most common types of tests are blood tests and chromosomal tests. Blood tests can rule out infections and possible hormonal problems. Chromosomal tests are done on both the mother and father to rule out any issues.

How Can You Improve the Chances of a Healthy Pregnancy?
The most basic ways to improve the health of a pregnancy are to limit caffeine consumption, cut out alcohol and tobacco products, exercise no more than three times a week, eat a balanced diet, visit the doctor as soon as possible while taking supplements and reduce stress.

Talk to your doctor about what to expect before, during and after a miscarriage. You might also consider joining a support group to understand your emotions. You’re not alone, and your symptoms are not something to fear. There is plenty of support for both women and men who need help through this emotional time.